Brice Wolfgang
a Data scientist

About Brice

I am a graduate of General Assemblies full time data science boot camp. I also work for Arlington County, Virginia handling GIS related tasks for the Department of Transportation Engineering and Operations. Not long ago I completed a certificate in GIS from George Mason University. Before that, I was the technical operations manger for CitiBike in New York. Further back, I was a Peace Corps volunteer teaching computer literacy and building an intranet for the Southern Regional Health Authority of Jamaica

From my time in bikeshare, I have years of experience working with and visualizing operational transportation data, and machine-to-machine data. Back then I used Excel, netSuite ERP, and a BI dashboard called Domo. I used those tools to quantify what field staff were up to, and how well the overall system was performing. NYC DOT was focused on the latter.

Now I'm doing GIS and adding a heaping helping of Data Science knowledge to my skillset. I'm excited to focus on finding actionable information in data which has always been my favorite part of previous jobs, but was never something I’ve been able to do full time.